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So another Anime North has come and gone thanks to everyone who came and visited :). Also big thanks to my table partner :icon32channel: for feeding and driving me all weekend. This time I actually had business cards, so hopefully more of you can find me here or on tumblr XD ( and hopefully all the people who came here because they took my business card thinking it was my table partners can now find him through this link >_<. I tried to make a lot of new stuff for this year but like every year there wasn't as much time as I wanted. But there's always next year and I'll have muuuuch more by then....well at least maybe those squirtles I keep saying I'll get around to >_>. Either way it was a fun con met tons of people traded art with tons of talented artist and I hope I can do that again soon.

.... maybe as soon as Otakuthon aug 5-7!(montreal) If I missed you here you can meet me there :D If there's something you wished you saw let me know too.
I'll be tabling again with :icon32channel:!

Anyway see you guys next time whenever that is!
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May 29, 2016


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